Santa Tracker

As we all get into the holiday spirit and scramble to get our shopping done, our little ones are eagerly awaiting the arrival of jolly old Saint Nick. I'm fairly certain they've already begun asking you how long until his arrival. Santa Tracker by Value Apps is a great way for them to follow him as he makes his way around the world to their house on Christmas Eve. This one is sure to keep everyone's attention as you wait for Santa to find his way to you brining all those presents!

First and foremost this festive application allows children to track Santa's movements (based on the GPS on your smarthphone and the WiFi on your tablet) on the map provided. As the day approaches, they can see Santa change position on the map with a line pointing the way to their location. All distances are calculated down to the kilometer. I like the way he jumps around the world each time I refresh and I'm an adult!

Santa Tracker - Map

Another feature that Santa Tracker offers that kids will get a kick out of is the letters to Santa section. Here they can submit their requests, wishes, or comments and instantly receive a response from the big guy himself via their special network. As you can see my only wish is a BB10 device this year, however, I do like how the responses vary. When I entered this on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 it said "All good things to those who have been good kids all year. See you soon." A few days later on my PlayBook I received the lengthy response above.

Santa Tracker - Mailbag

Finally, the last feature of this application is the Christmas Countdown. So if your children want to know how long it is until Christmas simply point them to this screen. Santa Tracker will countdown to that special day right down to the second. 

Santa Tracker - Christmas Countdown

Santa Tracker is available for $1.99 for most devices running OS 5 and higher and the BlackBerry PlayBook. I have to say it runs smooth on my PlayBook and was able to find my location in New York without any issues, though there was a delay of about a minute. Value Apps will be releasing an update in a few days for the smartphone version to resolve performance issues some users are experiencing.

For those who want to see their child's face light up with anticipation as they track Santa's trek around the globe, or count the days until Christmas, this is the perfect choice for the holidays. PlayBook owners please note, to download the proper version for your tablet (there is a BB10 HD one available as well that may appear in a search depending on the region) you should use the link below to connect to BlackBerry App World. For all other devices, users can find their compatible version using the link below as well.

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