So BBM Channels has been announced and if you've fired it up you'll certainly be looking for some good channels to follow, right? Well you're in luck because we've had a chance to play around a bit and already have some channels up and running. 

Kevin, Bla1ze and I all created out own personal channels that you can follow, and of course we have an official CrackBerry channel as well. While each of us will send out updates for plenty of random things, we'll keep the CrackBerry channel straight up BlackBerry with news, updates and all kinds of BlackBerry-filled goodness. 

If you're in on the beta (Details soon) you can subscribe to our channels by searching the PIN below within BBM Channels

  • Official CrackBerry: C00012B19
  • Kevin: C00010BC5
  • Bla1ze: C00015DD7
  • Adam: C000184EE
  • Michelle: C0001B3B5
  • DJ: C00024E24
  • Simon: C000E48A7
  • Alicia: C000FE2DE

For more on BBM Channels, check out the announcement post here

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