Here's a quick Round Up of some of the interesting headlines going on this week outside of the CrackBerry world:

Foleo Cancelled! -  looks like Palm is pulling the plug on this one for the time being so they can focus on their  smartphone platform. Dieter over at just posted an excellent follow-up article this morning in the wake of the Foleo's demise. Read Foleo Cancelled, A Curious Absence?

iPhone is #1 Smartphone?! - Looks like th iPhone outsold every other smartphone in July and grabbed 1.8% of the entire U.S. phone market. The numbers don't surpise me - with all the hype initial sales were guaranteed to be huge. I'm more curious in the numbers 12 months from now. It looks like Apple is getting Aggressive! They have SLASHED the price on their 8gig phone by $200 and are dropping the 4gig model altogether. Get the Details.

Introducing the Google Phone - The GPhone (or is it Gphone or gPhone?!) rumors have been going on for a while now and the frenzy is going to pick up even more now that the Boston Globe published a story with juicy details.