The popular game FlyCraft has been updated for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook and this latest version brings some nice new treats to the game. We featured FlyCraft last year when it first became available for the BlackBerry PlayBook and it has been a big hit - even more so now you can play it on your BlackBerry Z10.

FlyCraft sees you having to make a flying machine for your bug - Herbie. You have a selection of gadgets to experiment with to make Herbie fly for longer and the game really gets the old grey matter working.

Version 1.2 of FlyCraft brings us the following new features:

New Gadgets

  • Suspension Wheels: Heavy duty airplane wheels with suspension. It is now easier to land without breaking the aircraft!
  • Golden Rocket: A new kind of rocket that lasts longer
  • Turbines: New powerful turbines that can be switched on/off on demand. These will allow for some vertical landings, moonlander style!
  • Bike Horn: Yeap is a horn... it makes a sound... nothing more, but its always fun to make noise 

Replay Sharing:
Have you performed an amazing flight, or you managed a hilarious crash, and now you wish there was someone beside you to see it? Well now you can share your flights with friends and the whole world thought BBM, FaceBook, Twitter or e-mail. 

Press share after your flight and the game will create a page on the web specificaly for your flight, that you can share or save for yourself in order to watch it again in the future

The Drawing Board:
You can now visit the "Drawing Board" where you can have your vehicle designs saved on little pieces of paper. Select your old ones to play again, or create new. You will never again have to part with your successful design just to try something new! 

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