Earlier this month, we let you all know the developers behind the game Pop Corny would soon be releasing an all new game called FlyCraft exclusively for the BlackBerry PlayBook and now, it's finally here and ready to be consumed:

FlyCraft is a game about crafting flying machines. You take up the role of Herbie, a chubby Ladybug, who is too bored to fly by himself and creates whatever wild contraption you can imagine to fly from one flower to the other. You get to utilize wood boards, steel plates, soda cans, firework rockets, propellers, and other wild items that you can combine in any creative way you can conceive. Will it fly or it will fall like a brick? There is only one way to know: throw it off a cliff!

FlyCraft aims to steal many hours away from you by offering 10 special unlockable gadgets to test out, with more on the way as well. In addition to that, it has Scoreloop intgration built in so you can compete and compare your scores with those of others playing. If you're up to the challenges, FlyCraft is available now for only $1.99.

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