FlyCast 2.0 Final Beta Released!

FlyCast, one of my favorite streaming radio applications recently posted their latest beta in the CrackBerry forums and while still not quite in final form the application is working better and better with each update. Those who have tested the beta know that FlyCast 2.0 offers caching of music to the SD card but a few more things have been added to the new beta as well such as the following:

  • Storm supports both landscape and portrait mode now
  • Station caching is optional
  • New Twitter interface added. Tweet a song and it will post a link to the song on your Twitter feed that any user can click on to be taken directly to that station on FlyCast to hear it
  • Curve 8900 is supported¬†

Station caching is free in the beta app, at least until the final version ships to App World, while the streaming feature of course will always remain free. If you want to check the beta out and haven't done so yet be sure to grab it and leave feedback on the FlyCast forums to help make the application better.