If you are looking into the sea of games and apps that have made their way onto the BlackBerry PlayBook, you may be wondering which ones are worth the price and which are not. If you've been following CrackBerry over the past few months, you should have noticed a few of the bigger game publishers and the quality of the content they produce.

While there are definitely a lot of indie studios that produce amazing content, today I found a new game by one of the big guys. Union has been alongside RIM for almost the whole time with the PlayBook and have ported games like Samurai II: Vengeance, Muffin Knight, and Roboto onto the PlayBook. Now they have launched yet another title, which brings their PlayBook game count to around 21 games.

Union's latest title, Gravity Lab, is an interesting game for sure. Most of us are familiar with the physics based games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, or Stunt Pear, so grasping the concept of Gravity Lab should be a breeze.

Key features:
  • Realistic physics
  • Gravity based puzzles
  • 75 levels
  • Full 3D
  • Creative story

The idea behind Gravity Lab is to use gravity, or lack there of, to cause stacked blocks to crash and fall into stars. The complicated part is that you need to fling your robot into these boxes, all while not touching a single star for if you do it's game over for you. If it doesn't seem complex yet, hold on. As you progress through the game and the levels get harder and you will need to actually adjust the gravitational pull and help propel your robot in an entirely new direction. Now, adjusting gravity seems pretty easy, but you aren't simply hitting a button to make this change. You need to have the robot do it for you. In stage two, you will see green and red pads with arrows, by targeting the robot at these sections you will change the gravity and cause your robot to head into the direction as described with arrows. If I can give you one tip with this stage, don't use full power when you target the gravity pads or else you'll go right past them and off the screen.not only can you use these gravity alteration pads for the robot, if you plan a good stratagy the various boxes can also enter the gravity alteration section and be propelled in the opposite direction.

Once you've smashed a set of blocks you'll find you to change gravity again to have him pulled toward another set of blocks. It's a game definitely worth the download and can be found in BlackBerry App World for $4.99.

Purchase Gravity Lab for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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