You may have seen us cover Fly Kiwi Fly before when it was first released for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The good news is that it's now available also for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and it's free - Sweet!

The purpose of the game is to get Kiwi to fly as far as possible. Clearly Kiwi's can't actually fly so you will need to earn money along the way and spend it wisely in the shop to purchase aids to make Kiwi fly as far as he can. You use the handsets tilt controls to move Kiwi as he soars though the air and you can earn addition money buy collecting money bags along the way. Kiwi can also perform some mid air stunts which will help you on your quest around from country to country.

Your mission is to fly Kiwi across the globe from New Zealand to the USA. The graphics are nice and smooth and if you have kids they too will love playing the game. As it's a free download why not go and grab it and try for yourself?

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