Fly Cargo for the BlackBerry PlayBook was new into BlackBerry App World this week and it is quite a beauty. The aim of the game is to fly your helicopter around the screen picking up cargo and delivering it its destination point. Sounds simple - it isn't!

With platforms scattered around the screen, touching one will result in your helicopter exploding and it will be game over. Where it also gets hard is as the levels progress. Although initially a level may look easy you have to remember that once you have your cargo hooked on to the end of your chain and hook it will increase the size of your dimensions meaning some gaps are not as easy to squeeze through as you first may have thought.

Controls are a piece of cake - you have one button on the left of the screen to control your power and then on the opposite side you have your left and right controls. It takes a little getting used to and crashing is pretty easy to start with but once you have the hang of it the game is awesome.

Fly Cargo will set you back $1.99 which is money well spent in my opinion. It is challenging and there are elements of a puzzle style game to it too.

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