Fly Cargo LT

You may remember that we featured Fly cargo a short while ago for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The good news is that if you have picked up a BlackBerry Z10 recently you can not only download Fly Cargo for BlackBerry 10 but there is also a free (LT) edition where you can sample the first seven levels for free.

I'm a big fan of the game as it's challenging and you really do need precision timing to navigate your helicopter around the screen picking up the cargo and delivering it, whist avoiding the many obstacles.

With just three on-screen controls the game is simple yet addictive and chances are that after you play the free version you may well want to part with the £0.75/$1.00 for the full edition. Anyway, this is just a heads up as the game is a beauty.

Happy flying.

More information/Download Fly Cargo LT for BlackBerry 10