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Each and every day a flurry of new themes are added to our forums and BlackBerry App World. Of these, all of the talented developers who release themes for OS 7 take the time to meticulously hand code each one to bring us some of the best themes out there all without the use of a compatible Theme Builder. One of those developers, which by now you've no doubt heard of, is drkapprenticeDESIGNS and their latest release is simply named Flow.

It features embedded hidden panels and icons, smooth transitions, application shortcuts, and hotkeys to change the clock and icon rows to grant users access to their most used applications without ever leaving the home screen. You may choose to show one or even two rows of icons, add a weather slot, change to the stylized colored clock or keep the normal one, or show the panel.

Speaking of panels, in my opinion they are one of the best aspects of Flow because you can select your own images (PNG files, JPEG images will not work) saved to a specific folder on your SD Card. At first, it can be tricky setting it up but once you follow these instructions it shouldn't be a problem.

Flow panel
Flow with custom panel and wallpaper


  • ALT + W to show the Weather Slot (icon 1)
  • ALT + E to show one row of icons (icons 2-6)
  • ALT + R to show second row of icons (icons 7-11)
  • Click zero (0) to hide the icons
  • ALT + O to show the panels (icons 12-15)
  • ALT + I to hide the panels
  • ALT + T for stylized clock
  • ALT + S For blue stylized clock
  • ALT + D For purple stylized clock
  • ALT + F For red stylized Clock
  • ALT + Z For pink stylized Clock
  • ALT + Y for normal clock

Finally there is the quick access shortcuts at the bottom of the screen. The BlackBerry icon on the bottom lets you access media (pictures, videos and music), messages (messages application, BlackBerry messenger, and Text Messages), and universal search. To go back to the main directory click on the first icon in the bottom left. All of the icons are animated and you can see them shift as select each category. If you tap the BB icon again you'll see icons for your calendar, tasks, and memopad.

Even though the icons located in the folders are hidden (a known bug with using TB6), you won't be taking this one off your rotation anytime soon. Flow is available for the BlackBerry 9810/50/60 and 99xx and is normally $3.99.

As part of their Labor Day sale, from now until the end of this Tuesday all of drkapprenticeDESIGNS's themes are on sale for $1.99 or less. If you've been meaning to check out their theme catalog then be sure to click on the link below before it ends.

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Flow with weather slot and one row
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