Glide N Ride

Ever have five minutes to kill and checking your Facebook or Twitter page again just didn't seem all that appealing? Looking through your device you are probably wishing you had a game that you could jump in and play for a few minutes and then not have to worry about it when you were done, right? Meet Glide N Ride, a great BlackBerry game that will keep you entertained for a few minutes or even a few hours. While not the most complex game out there, but also not the easiest, you will definitely want to join us to check out what this game is all about.

Developer: Manthan Studio Version (at time of review): 1.2.6
File Size: 1243 KB OS Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above
Cost: $0.99 Website:

The concept behind Glide N Ride is very simple, you need to jump with the guy and land him on the cars. Flight takes place courtesy of an umbrella which, when closed, allows him to land on the vehicles.

Opening and closing the umbrella is completed either by pressing the trackpad or the Q key on the keyboard. Clicking it once will allow him to take flight, and then pressing it again will close the umbrella which will make him fall. The idea behind the game is to land the character on the cars and each level carries a new requirement of how many cars you must land on.

The first level requires you to successfully land on 50 cars, which is no easy task. Each car varies in size, some are large buses while others are small passenger cars, so landing and taking off is something that will require a bit of planning. Landing on the smaller cars will earn you more points, but makes taking off harder because there is more height required in a quick time before the next car comes up.

Since taking off and landing on all these moving vehicles can be quite difficult you have three lives that you can use to achieve your goal for the level. During flight you will notice flying pills as well in the air, which if caught will help you gain more lives to keep on your way and hoping between the cars.

When it comes to settings within the game they are pretty limited, and that is not a bad thing. You can enable or disable sound and vibrations depending on your personal preferences, and that is about it. The game does not require many other options, so this is nothing to worry about.

So, what's the final word on Glide N Ride you ask? This game is a definite must buy. Combining fun game play, awesome graphics, and a reasonable price tag of only 99 cents it can't be beat. While I still believe that 50 cars is a bit much to start off with, we have already reached out to the developers and they will look into this further. Don't delay, hit the link below and grab a copy for yourself and let us know how many cars you can land on today!

Glide N Ride:
Manthan Studio


  • Game play is super simple, graphics are great and the game quickly becomes very addictive. The price tag makes it an easy decision to purchase, and the rest speaks for itself. 


  • Not everyone will want to play something so "simple" in concept, and it does start a bit tough. 50 cars is no easy task so it does become a bit frustrating in trying to unlock level two.

The Bottom Line

Glide N Ride is a must purchase. Coming in at only 99 cents there is really no excuse for you not to try the game out for yourself and see just how addictive it really is. The simple nature of the game is what gets you hooked, and each time you die you will find yourself wanting to beat the level even more.     More information/purchase Glide N Ride

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