Flixster Release Native BlackBerry App

Ok, so Flixster has had this sitting in the wings for a while now but due to some unforseen issues it's arriving later then planned. With that out of they way, Flixster has released their native BlackBerry smartphone application through BlackBerry App World. What was previously just a web page launcher is now an awesome on device app which allows you to check new video releases, read reviews and view trailers provided your device supports it. You can even use your GPS location to look up and view theatres and show times in your area.

After the rocky start, I have to say I am quite pleased with the implementation here - it really is a great looking and functioning application for BlackBerry smartphones. Well worth the download if movies are your thing for sure. BlackBerry App World states all devices and all carriers, but I cannot fully confirm that information so let us know in the comments what device you are running it on so we can get a collective list going.