Although I'm a big fan of Reebee, it hasn't had an update in.. well, forever as far as I can recall and as sad as it sounds, one of my guilty pleasures is actually reading through the flyers each week to see what's on sale and if there's any good deals out there to be had. Pro Tip: There's not but I still look every week through my favorite shops.

A new option has arrived in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 smartphones via an Android port after having some success on iTunes and Google Play and it goes by the name of Flipp. It shares a lot of the same features as Reebee in the fact that you tell it where you live and it will then go out and fetch all the flyers and weekly ads for your area.

One thing different about it though is that it allows you to save flyer 'clips' as they're called. The clips help you keep track of things you may want to purchase. Simply tap on an item and it gets saved to your clip section so you can always refer back to it if you're out shopping and need a reminder of that cool thing you saw. It's pretty neat and especially useful if you're insanely forgetful like me.

On top of that, you can filter down ads as well so if you only care about electronics then you just see only electronics retailers flyers and so on. Flipp is available as a free download and yes, it is an Android app but it runs fairly well.

Learn more / Download Flipp from BlackBerry World