Although Flipboard was supposed to initially be an exclusive for the BlackBerry Z30, it kind of sort of leaked out ahead of time and some folks were able to get it download on their BlackBerry Z10's. After that though, the app compatibility was updated and that meant it was no longer available for Z10 and made exclusive for the Z30 with the promise of it coming to select 10.2 devices later.

With that 'exclusive' timing seemingly now up and BlackBerry 10.2 rolling out, Flipboard is once again showing as available to BlackBerry Z10 owners running 10.2. Long story short, if you've been waiting for the official release of Flipboard for the Z10, you can now download it from BlackBerry World. Be sure to check out our hands-on as well, if you need to know more about the app. And yes, it remains an Android port.

Download Flipboard from BlackBerry World