Flipboard has already shown up in BlackBerry World once on a bit of a fluke, and today it's back again with yet another catch. The Flipboard app is officially official for BlackBerry 10 ... providing you have a BlackBerry Z30

If you haven't heard of Flipboard before, it's a great app for keeping up with all the latest news across your social feeds. You can add in news stories, Twitter, Facebook and more for a sweet magazine style layout.

While we can assume that not many of us common folk outside of Waterloo actually have a device, I suppose that are a few of the lucky ones that can snag this up right now. For the rest of us, at least we know it will be ready and waiting when the Z30 hits the streets. Fingers crossed that it's available for the Z10 and Q10 soon as well though it does require OS 10.2.

If you are actually rocking a Z30 then you can hit up the link below to download, otherwise just keep it handy and install it when you can :)

More information/Download Flipboard