Flip Silent v2.5

The folks over at S4BB let us the know of a recent update to one of their newest applications for Storm and Torch devices. If you not familiar with Flip Silent it's a simple to use application that activates silent mode for all incoming calls with just a flick of the wrist. For me that means no more fumbling with my device to hit ignore or going back and forth with my sound profiles all day at work. It's embarrassing to have to pick up my device and try to shut it off when my boss is standing next to me. Believe it or not it's loud even on vibrate. 

Flip Silent now runs silently in the background thereby consuming less power and space so it no longer appears in the application switcher screen. Another addition is that the missed call notification will remain on the screen when you flip it back over. Flip Silent v2.5 features include:

  • Flip your phone to silent
  • Silences all incoming calls 
  • Flip your phone back to deactivate Flip Silent
  • Silence your phone with a cool gesture
  • Small footprint; Flip Silent 2.0 runs in the background
  • Auto notifications

This is a rather unique and sort of cool way to change the sound profile on your device without pressing buttons or going through the menu options. That way next time my boss decides to stop by I can nonchalantly flip my device and silence it immediately. Flip Silent works just like it says as long as the device is in the face up position to begin with. The only downside is that it only works for incoming calls and no other message types. 

Flip Silent 2.5 is available for Storm and Torch devices running OS 5.0 and higher for only $0.99.

More information / purchase Flip Silent at BlackBerry App World 
More information / purchase Flip Silent at CrackBerry App Store 

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