Flight control games are certainly nothing new. I've played dozens over the years on other platforms and normally there are only one or two decent ones. Us cool dudes with a BlackBerry 10 device now have a superb version which has been Built For BlackBerry - Flight Control Rocket.

The game sports beautiful bright colors/graphics and some sweet sounds make the game more enjoyable. It's just a case of guiding the space crafts into their designated loading bays on the mother ship. Of course it isn't quite that simple though - There are a wide selection of different spaceships and the further you get in the game the more hectic things become.

I'm a big fan of this game and so it gets the thumbs up from me even with its £2.00/$2.99 price tag. If you want value for money give this one a shot.

Full features of Flight Control Rocket for BlackBerry 10 include:

  • The classic Flight Control experience with a retro Sci-Fi-inspired flavor and pace
  • 15 spacecraft with unique abilities and characteristics
  • Thrilling game modes such as the fast-paced Infinity and the expansive Odyssey
  • A cast of quirky robots with special powers that help boost your score
  • Unlock a near-endless number of stages and venture to the farthest frontiers…
  • Multiple lives means one collision isn't the end of your journey
  • Keep your fleet fully stocked with goodies from the Shop
  • Compete with the galaxy’s top captains on the online leaderboards
  • Claim Game Center achievements that will test your mettle… and that of your Mothership!

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