BlackBerry World is filled with all kinds of flashlight applications. If you've ever wanted to turn your device in a strobe light then Generation Media Group, the developer behind Colorize, has you covered with their latest called Flash Ring. This simple application turns your BlackBerry's camera flash into a strobe light for incoming calls via your phone or BBM voice.

From the settings menu, users control the time interval with the slider bar (which also allows you to preview the selection), and turn on/off the button for the front LED to flash as well. 

For now it will only work when running as an active frame though it does offer the option to run in the background when that feature is made available for developers. There are plenty of other uses as well including creating your own disco party at home or even using as an emergency beacon late at night.

It came in handy at the Talk Mobile 2013 launch party in NYC where I joined in on the fun by flashing it up at the ceiling with the rest of the lights in the venue. In this case, I would have loved to see different color options added to the LED or possibly even the option to change the type of pulse emitted by the flash.

In order for the application to function properly, you must accept and allow the camera and phone permissions when installed. Flash Ring is compatible with the Q10 and Z10 (10.0.10 or higher) and is available for only $0.99. 

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