Flash Notification uses your Priv or DTEK50's camera flash as a notification LED

All of us are accustomed to seeing the notification light go off on our devices. We are drawn and addicted to the flashing red light. However, for certain Android handsets such as the DTEK50, they do not come with a RGB LED. To help solve this problem, as well as a tendency to miss alerts, popular BlackBerry 10 and Android app developer Toysoft released Flash Notification. As indicated by its name, this Android app uses the back or front (if supported) camera flash to notify you of important notifications.

When you first launch Flash Notification, it will load the apps installed on your device. The purpose of this is to allow you to enable notifications for specific apps. If you would like to use Flash Notification for all alerts, you have the option of going into settings and enabling the Global LED notification.

Once enabled, it is quite easy to set the flash pattern. Flash Notification allows you to set the Flash Pattern rate (100ms – 1500ms), Delay Between Each Flash (100ms – 2,000ms), the Repeat Flash Pattern (no repeat – 100 times), and the Camera type (Back, Front, and Auto). Please note not all devices support a front facing flash and, in these instances, you should only select the Back camera. If you choose Auto, Flash Notification will detect whether or not the device is facing down or up and will use the appropriate flash. For example, if you flip the phone and place it face down on the table. To dismiss a flash notification, simply shake the device.


  • Supports front or back camera for flash notification
  • Supports global notification
  • Can customize each application flash notification
  • Create unlimited flash patterns
  • Disable flash when you are on the phone
  • Disable when system sound is set to Vibrate
  • Disable when system sound is set to Silent
  • Disable when system sound is set to Normal
  • Shake the phone to stop the flash
  • Automatically detect which camera flash to use
  • Repeat flash notification

For those times when you may not notice an alert, this app will reduce the likelihood of you missing it. Flash Notification is free to download from Google Play for devices running Android 4.4 and higher, but certain features are disabled. To unlock the full version, simply pay an in-app purchase of $0.99. Please note, this app will affect battery life and you will need to enable Notification Access for it to work properly.

Learn more / Download Flash Notification from the Google Play Store

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