Flappy Herbie PlayBook

For you folk that are still rocking a BlackBerry PlayBook you may well want to grab some flappy action thanks to Flappy Herbie Saga: Trolls Of The Forest. We recently announced that the Flappy Birds spin off was available for BlackBerry 10 and it has now made its way over to the BlackBerry tablet. 

Priced at £1.50/$1.99 it's a bit more pricey than the free version on BlackBerry 10, but for you flappy addicts I suspect that playing the game on the 7 inch tablet will be a whole lot more fun. 

If you recognize Herbie it's because he's the star of FlyCraft - also available for the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 devices. In my opinion, Flappy Herboie is a much better game than the original Bird one, but whether you are willing to part with your cash for the PlayBook edition is your call. 

And before you ask - no, you can't have my Herbie mug! 

Features of Flappy Herbie include:

  • Simple one touch controls so you can play anywhere and single-handedly 
  • Featuring the hero from the award winning game FlyCraft
  • Share your scores on Facebook
  • Sweet graphics
  • Collect red life gems
  • Use Life Gems to continue from where you died
  • Relaxing Zen quotes and music for calming down when feeling the need to throw your phone on the wall

Hit up BlackBerry World on your PlayBook to download Flappy Herbie