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The name Fixmo has been seen around quite a few times; whether it’s been the ever evolving Fixmo Tools application or the tethering Fixmo Extend. Last month, Kevin informed us that Fixmo had entered a BlackBerry Messenger desktop client into public beta – aptly named Fixmo Web Messenger. Once installed on your BlackBerry smartphone, you can access the Fixmo site to log in. Using any browser, you can use Fixmo Web Messenger to access BBM and OMG and LOL to your hearts content. Both Mac and PC are supported. Features include:

  • BlackBerry Messenger from any web browser on PC or Mac (flash support required)
  • Secured communications between the web browser and the BlackBerry device to ensure your communications remain safe
  • Access the Fixmo Web application through either: the Fixmo website, the Fixmo Web Messenger iGoogle gadget or the Fixmo Web Messenger Facebook application
  • Browser "Pop-out" option to always keep BBM visible on your PC
  • New incoming message alert - browser tab "flashes" when new BBM comes in, so you can keep your BlackBerry on silent.

Now it’s a little tricky when navigating the Messenger application in the browser – you have the menu and back button that work well, but I found the scrolling buttons to be unresponsive at times. It can handle both one on one or group messaging. There was a lag when it came to the display, as well. My BlackBerry would respond almost instantly to the commands executed from the browser, but the browser display would be roughly 2 to 3 seconds behind. The application is still a great way to be a little more discreet when using BlackBerry Messenger. Fixmo Web Messenger is currently on Sale for $2.99 (from $4.99) at the CrackBerry AppStore. A free trial is also available.

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