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During our WES 2010 Solutions Showcase CrackBerry Power Tour we stopped by the Fixmo Tools booth where Rick Segal let us know about the latest version (RIM's Mike Kirkup also let us know he loves this app - the Flame Retardant feature has come to the rescue on more than one occassion). Following that up, here are the details of what's new in Fixmo Tools version 1.1:

  • Dynamic application download framework used to deliver to new applications to the Fixmo Tools suite on an ongoing basis.
  • Four New Utility Apps included with this release:
    • MeetMe, a tool that enables you to easily arrange a meeting by automatically selecting available times on your calendar and inserting them into an email.
    • Speedtest which measures the download and upload speeds of your network.
    • Call Indicator, a utility that allows you to set a different LED color for phone calls so you can easily distinguish them from other message alerts.
    • OneLastCall, which provides a way to enable radio support when your battery level is very low. OneLastCall is available only for OS versions before 5.0.
  • Multi-calendar support for Silencer and Undelete.
  • Fixes for Flame Retardant to address issues such as emails getting blocked without warning.
  • Performance fixes to address startup time and other "lag-time" and memory leak issues.
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Fixmo Tools Trip Around the World Contest Winner Announced: Remember the contest we posted on a while back to win a Trip Around the World Courtesy of Fixmo Tools? Well the winner has been announced and it's 26 year old William Campbell who is the lucky winner. Read on for more details... we need to show William a CrackBerry good time when he rolls through your city!

Fixmo Tools Trip Around the World Winner!

William is 26 years old and born and raised in Phoenix, where he now works as a communications and technology consultant for businesses. He hasn't totally finalized his itinerary just yet, but as of now it's looking like William will be going from Phoenix to Toronto, then NYC, London (while in London possibly stopping in Scotland or Ireland), then to Paris, with stops in Spain, Italy, Germany, and possibly Austria. After that it will be either Moscow or Bucharest, then Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, back to the US to San Francisco and finally back to Phoenix.

Once the locations and dates are all set in stone, we'll get a CrackBerry forum thread going to keep everybody tuned into where William is at... if you're from any of the cities above we'll have to organize some CrackBerry drinks on me for when William flies into town!