Fixmo Tools, nominee for the Best OS Enhancement 2010 CrackBerry App Award, is by far one of my favorite BlackBerry apps. It's no surprise then I was more than excited to hear that version 2.0 is right around the corner. The current version of Fixmo includes some awesome features like Undelete, Forward/Reply with Edit, Flame Retardant, Silencer, Battery Watch and Memory Monitor. To make version 2 even better and to solidify their position as one of the best BlackBerry apps and app companies out there, Fixmo has aquired Chocolate Chunk Apps (Wifi Media Backup, VLC Remote Control) and Fixmo Tools 2.0 will include many of the features of those apps. In addition, Fabian Heuwieser (who is no stranger to CrackBerry or BlackBerry apps) will be joining up with the Fixmo team as well (look for Later Dude Pro to be part of Fixmo 2). So all said and done we have some BlackBerry app M&A activities going on that should only lead to a better Fixmo!

In celebration of the news the folks at Fixmo have hooked up some awesome discounts for CrackBerry readers on Fixmo Tools, all Chocolate Chunk apps and LaterDude Pro. Use the coupon codes below to save!

  • Get LaterDude Pro for just $0.99 using the  coupon: FT15LDP
  • Get 50% off all Chocolate Chunks Apps using the coupon: FTDEVCON
  • Get Fixmo Tools 1.5 on sale for $7.99 using the coupon: FT15PROMO

Keep in mind the coupon codes will only work in our mobile store or through the mobile store client from your device. Act now and take advantage of these sweet offers while they last and keep on the lookout for Fixmo Tools 2.0! 

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