The BlackBerry Travel app was pretty phenomenal. I'm sure there's plenty of you in the audience who would agree with that statement. Automatic, to-the-minute flight information, seamless itinerary sharing, currency conversion, hotel bookings, and car was pretty much a one-stop shop for everything.

BlackBerry Travel was based on another app, WorldMate, and coded by the developer of that app. And for a while, that app served as a good alternative for BlackBerry Travel on Android and iOS, albeit one requiring a subscription. Unfortunately, as of September 2017, WorldMate has gone the way of BlackBerry Travel - it's no longer available.

That's the bad news. The good news is that there are actually a ton of awesome alternatives to BlackBerry Travel on Android, many of which offer the same functionality as that app. Let's go over a few of the best!

TripIt: Travel Planner

Billed as an all-in-one travel app, Tripit can add reservations, flights, and rentals from any platform or service to a master itinerary. It ensures you won't have to waste time combing through your inbox for details on upcoming business trips, and makes it easy to share plans with colleagues or add them to your calendar. And that's just the basic app.

The subscription-based TripIt Pro includes a ton of additional features, including real-time, contextual alerts, interactive maps, and seat management.

All-in-one travel app

TripIt: Travel Planner

Unlike some other travel apps, TripIt allows you to add trips no matter where you book them. The built-in navigator, airport maps and nearby places features are great for helping you find your way around and with TripIt Pro, you gain access to the seat tracker, fare tracker, check-in reminders and more!

Google Trips

As is often the case on Android, Google's own set of apps shine here. Leveraging Google's robust software ecosystem, Google Trips provides an interactive map that allows you to plan out your day, even offering helpful suggestions such as nearby attractions and restaurants. Beyond that, it's got pretty much everything else you'd need in a travel app - flight booking, hotel reservations, and so on.

Better yet, it automatically collects details such as reservations and confirmation numbers from your inbox, and stores all that information, so it's available offline - you can access it even if you don't have a connection!

Google's gold standard

Google Trips

Google Trips is one of those apps that you don't know what you're missing out on until you give it a go. Covering everything from local maps to reservations to helping you plan your activities while on your trip, Google Trips is fantastic!


TripCase works very similarly to TripIt, acting as an all-in-one itinerary and travel planning app. The main difference is that TripIt is more focused on business users than on the average consumer. The free app offers what you'd expect from a travel planner, along with directions to your next destination, the ability to request an Uber from within the app, airline seating, and reservation info.

Where TripCase distinguishes itself, though, is through expense tracking. For $6 a year, you'll unlock receipts support, allowing you to charge things out to your organization as-needed. It's an awesome feature and a must for business travelers.

Great for business travelers and frequent fliers


With TripCase you can organize all your trip details into one streamlined itinerary. With flight change alerts, the ability to manage your flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and car reservations, it's a pretty complete package.

Expensify - Expense Reports

Speaking of business travelers, this next app is also designed entirely with them in mind. Although it doesn't include features like itinerary tracking or flight booking, what it does do is work to automate the expense management process. How it works is pretty simple - just take a picture of a receipt, and the app does the rest, integrating with a wide range of accounting applications, tracking mileage, and supporting in-app purchases and reimbursement.

Combine it with one of the other travel-focused apps on this list, and you'll have pretty much everything you could possibly need for your next business trip.

Easily track your receipts and manage expenses on the go

Expensify - Expense Reports

Keeping track of receipts and expenses is important but no one really likes doing it. With Expensfiy, you make the whole process a lot easier on yourself. Expensify can categorize and code each receipt, and can even automatically submit business expenses for approval and reimbursement.

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

Kayak is all about getting you the best travel deals possible. Whether you want to rent a car or book a flight, opening the app will allow you to search hundreds of different travel sites, accessing mobile-only deals in the process. The search can be filtered based on a bunch of different criteria, including the number of stops, airlines, departure time, amenities, and so on.

As you might expect, Kayak also allows you to make reservations from directly within the app, advising you of the best time to book in order for maximum savings. It also provides travel updates, price alerts, wait time estimates, and more.

Find great deals on flights, hotels and rental cars

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

When you're planning travel, everyone likes to look for deals and using KAYAK is a great way to track some down. KAYAK digs through hundreds of travel sites to find you the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals all while organizing your plans in one place with free flight status updates, airport terminal maps and security wait time information.

Got any app recommendations that didn't make the list? Give a shout in the comments!

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