Fitness Month: How the CrackBerry community uses their BlackBerry to exercise

All week in the forums we've been asking the CrackBerry community to share how they use their BlackBerry smartphone and/or PlayBook to exercise. All part of Fitness Month. There are a handful of apps available with some being the go to choice of many. 

There have been many interesting entries and it's been great to read the different ways in which you make use of your devices. The winner entry is from...


Here's how he uses his BlackBerry to help him exercise.

I love Endomondo | Community based on free GPS tracking of sports in the summer when I get outdoors. The website is the best out there. Beats nike and any gps company hands down. The amount of stats and info it relays from your workouts Is huge. Make shur you get a bluetooth heartrate moniter to pair to your phone too, for 100$ its far cheaper then most HRM watches. Polar WearLink+ Bluetooth Coded Heart Rate Transmitter Set:Amazon:Sports & Outdoors

This combo was the leading reason I lost 30 pounds last spring. It was my personal trainer, and workout companion. It was a competition everyday against my own stats. Seeing the improvements everyday in numbers was super motivation. Can't wait for summer. Now I'm indoors doing p90x. All I use is my calender on my 9900 to remind me the schedule. And endomondo to view my heartrate on cardio days, i dont record the exercises though. Not really a point with indoors stuff.

I'm tempted to ditch the endomondo/smartphone combo and go with a suunto ambit watch. Its basically batmans watch Suunto Ambit | Suunto best on the market, won all the awards in that field. We'll see how long it takes endomondo to get there bb10 app ready.

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While were here let's see how other members of the community use their BlackBerry to help them exercise.

Shadow boxing a few rounds in the morning is how I start my day while listening to Pandora on my BB device with the ear buds and using the gym technik app in BlackBerry app world to log my time and exercises.

- raino

I've lost 22lbs since the beginning of January using my BlackBerry and the Livestrong MyPlate app which helps count calories and track exercise and weight, still going strong!

- bizzyqu

I use Endomondo Pro on my 9650 to track my open water training swims for an attempt to swim the English Channel later this year. I place the phone in a dry bag that I drag behind me in the water. So far my longest swim has been 18 miles. I also use my PlayBook to access my training history that is stored on Endomondo Web site.

- bbcobb

I am currently doing the Insanity workout series along with the C25K running schedule. On my Blackberry Bold 9650, I can track my runs and workouts using the Endomondo App. For calories, I use the MyFitnessPal App. On my Playbook, I track my workouts and runs using the Endomondo app playbook version. There is no real calorie tracking app for the playbook yet. Also, there is a Insanity workout schedule app for the Playbook so you know which exercises your doing for the day.

- Mr.C05

I'm in my second go round of Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer on, getting ready to move into phase 2 on Tuesday. I have also been eating clean (no processed food for over two years and eating every 2.5 to 3 hours). I have gone from 188 to 134 pounds. I have built up a lot of muscle following this program which I follow with my Blackberry 9900. I use my blackberry calendar to keep me on schedule with my meals. It is great because I set up recurring daily meals that start after my postworkout shake and carb, which is usually around 5 am. I have M1, M2, M3, etc. This really helps keep me on track and it is so easy to change the time based on when I go to the gym. I also use my Blackberry while at the gym to listen to music while working out. I like mixes that last at least an hour and have downloaded quite a few from DJ Rolemodel for free. The music along with my Motorola S305 BT headphones keeps me moving. I'd be lost without my Blackberry in the gym.

- berryromancewriter

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