Fish Out Of Water is another Android game that I recently discovered works perfectly well on BlackBerry 10. I downloaded this one for free from the Amazon Appstore and if you don't yet have that on your device be sure to hit up the link at the base of this post for instructions.

From the same developers that created Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja, Fish Out Of Water brings us some unique game play - I can't think of many other games that involve throwing fish. The object here is to select one of the fish from your selection and using a swipe gesture to the right, you launch it into the air. The idea here is to get not only as much distance as possible, but also as many skips on the water as you can.

Once you have had three throws, with three fish, the "Crab Crew" will award you your points for the round. Do well enough and the next level will be unlocked.

Where things get interesting is that each of the fish behave differently when thrown. Some will travel further than others, some will skip more and some will even split into three. It's really a process of trial and error to get the perfect combination. And just to make life harder, the weather changes every so often so you won't always be in bright sunshine, but I'll leave the elements for you to discover instead of spoiling them all here.

For a free game you can't really go wrong with Fish Out Of Water. This one's great for all ages so if you don't fancy it yourself, but have kids, then grab it for them.

Download Fish Out Of Water from the Amazon Appstore