What Are the First Ten Things I Should Do With My New BlackBerry?

Earlier this week, new CrackBerry.com member and first time BlackBerry owner Posum posted in the forums the thread First Ten things I should do to my new BB.  Posum's question:

This is my first Blackberry, it is the Pearl from Verizon. I was wondering what are the first things I should do to it settings wise to make it run it's best.

The thread has received some good responses from CrackBerry members - addressing the first things you should do to your new BlackBerry settings wise and also the first things you should with your new BlackBerry in general (applications to install, accessories to buy, etc.). Some of the settings suggestions made in forums responses I have covered in-depth in two earlier-published BlackBerry 101 articles: The Basics of Setting Up Your BlackBerry and Basic BlackBerry Controls. Both are worth a quick read if you're a new BlackBerry owner. Below are some of the suggestions from the forum thread (my favorite is the first one!):

First Ten Things You Should Do With Your New BlackBerry

  1. Unpack it all, and just sit and look at the 'wonder' of BlackBerry for about five minutes
  2. Delete unused languages, pictures, remove sample video - get rid of things you won't be using
  3. Adjust Backlight Brightness
  4. Adjust Trackball Sensitivity (default is 70, I like my horizontal/vertical at 80)
  5. Set Speed Dial Preferences
  6. Hide/Rearrange Shortcuts for most efficient use
  7. Install CrackBerry.com Desktop Launcher (go to / on your berry's web browser for that)
  8. Get Opera Mini, Facebook App, Viigo, Google Maps, desired IM apps, BBSmart Email Viewer or Empower HMTL Viewer, get apps apps apps! App availability/usage may depend on your carrier.
  9. Buy a Case, Bluetooth Device and MEMORY CARD
  10. Load up your Berry with Ringtones , Wallpapers, Themes, Games and Movies!

I guess the first six in this list were about settings, and the last four were more about Pimping Up Your New Berry to take it to the next Level! :-) 

What's your First Ten Things You Should Do With Your New BlackBerry list look like? Add it to the Forums or Comments on this post!

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