Verizon BlackBerry Storm Accessories

The big red Verizon engine is firing on all cylinders as they get set for the official release of the BlackBerry Storm. We've seen launch parties, contests and Storm hunts and now we have a first look at BlackBerry Storm accessories in Verizon packaging. The Storm's hardware is ready... now we just need the OS to pass through Technical Acceptance and get provisioned onto the devices (hundreds of thousands of them!) and make their way to retailers around the country. Getting Excited yet?

Speaking of accessories, we'll be ramping up our inventory for the Storm as they become available. But what we have in stock right now though are a TON of accessories for the Bold! So if you're one of those AT&T customers who picked up their shiny new precious today, you'll want to visit and check our BlackBerry Bold accessories and pick a nice gift up for your Bold. Something real nice - maybe a spare battery, some skins, a charging pod or protective case!