About a week before the September 18th mystery press event (that we now know to be the BlackBerry Z30 launch) we saw some Z30 cases turn up on eBay. In CrackBerry fashion, we had to snap one up and check it out.

If you have ever seen the Z10 leather holster, you'll see that the Z30 version is pretty much the same - just bigger. There are few small differences but all in all it is pretty much like that of the Z10 version.

I actually prefer the way the Z30 leather holster is made, only due to the way the seams have been connected. With the Z10 version the seam is around the center of the side of the case. This means it is prone to flattening, this then makes it somewhat hard to slip the device into the case. The seams on the Z30 case are towards the back which means it holds its form better. This is much more beneficial since it is a bigger design.

Check out the video above for a first look and comparison with the Z10 leather holster.

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