Screen protector and keyboard cover are seemlessly built into the front piece. The Innocase 360 should provide solid everyday protection.

All side buttons and ports are still easily accessible. Curve 8900 on left, Bold on Right. I'm sure a 9630 version will be available too!
First Look at the Seidio Innocase 360 Solution

I was just freeing up some space on my camera's memory card when I stumbled upon a few photos I snapped at Seido's booth at CTIA in Vegas last week.

What you're looking at in the photos above are prototypes of their upcoming Innocase 360 solution. It's pretty cool. The two halves snap together to fully surround the BlackBerry, offering improved protection without sacrificing usability. The front half features a screen protector and keyboard cover seemlessly built into the hard covering - which should keep dust and dirt out and be resistant to everyday little nuisances like spills. The guys at the Seidio booth said not many people out there can produce a complex part like that where the clear covering soft keyboard cover is part of the main casing. The keyboard covering should really hold it's shape well too... apparently it's so strong you can pull down on it with 5kg (11lbs) of force and it'll still rebound to original shape. Not that you'd ever do that of course! It's not available yet, but we'll keep you posted on when it becomes available in our store. Stay tuned!

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