One of the BlackBerry 10 features shown off back in May at BlackBerry World that got us salivating was a canned video demo of the camera's time shift feature. Fast forward a few months now to BlackBerry Jam Americas, and we were able to put the feature to use FOR REAL.

Unfortunately we couldn't find a better looking model to test it out on, so it's CrackBerry Adam's mug on this one. But hit play on the video above. The functionality is pretty cool. Have the camera in Time Shift mode. Snap a photo. And from there you move through the time scale. You can also tap to zoom in on a region to make a specific change there. And though we just put Adam to the test in this first test, it can actually handle multiple faces in on shot. Really, really cool. This is a first look. We'll find some better looking models and report back soon with a Second Look.

You'll want to watch this one right to the end for a CrackBerry Kevin "Oh Sh!t" moment. After you snap a photo in the camera app of BlackBerry 10, to preview the image you took you can drag up the little preview thumbnail in the bottom left corner right there within the view finder. There's no need to tap and exit back to the photos app. These are the kind of little features that I'm LOVING within BB10. Saving seconds everywhere!

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