Red 8220 KickStartRed 8220 KickStart

Our pal Jibi just posted some new images and screencaps of the KickStart taken from RIM's 8220 Device Simulator. We've had a good notion that come commercial release the KickStart will be available in a multitude of colors and the images above show the first real departure from the black-on-black KickStart we've been looking at in our Hands On Review.

I'm not sure how I feel about the shade of red... it's definitely nice, but it still seems like that professional/corporate shade of red we've seen before from RIM. I want to see how the KickStart looks when decked out in some crazy BRIGHT colors. You can click on over for some more KickStart shots and a peak at RIM's version of My Location. And stay tuned... Part III of our hands-on KickStart review is coming up soon.