BlackBerry has started a new program through the Beta Zone and is testing the new Carbonite Pocket Case for the BlackBerry Z30. A good number of users have already been accepted to the program and the cases are starting to arrive. Some members have taken to the forums with their initial thoughts and overall the case is getting some good reviews thus far. 

Judging by the reviews, the case itself is fairly thick but a bit lacking in design. It's also a bit bulkier than the standard leather pocket cases and thus a bit heavier as well. Overall it seems that people are liking it for the most part, though it could stand for some improvements.

As this if the first time BlackBerry is testing accessories through the beta program, we're not sure if this is in fact the final design of if it is still open to changes, so we'll see what pans out over the course of the beta period. 

Check out the gallery above with images courtesy of habs_fan and dam_bb then hit up the forums with your thoughts.

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