Following today's news that John Chen will be replacing Thorsten Heins as interim CEO of BlackBerry, we did some quick googling to dig up a handful of videos on the man who will soon be leading the company's day to day operations. With BlackBerry not going private, we can only imagine lots of interviews will be in Mr. Chen's future, so we wanted to get an early look. Past performance is the best indicator of future performance, right?

Chen is currently a director at both Wells Fargo and Disney, and his last big management stint was as chairman and CEO of Sybase, where he is credited with transforming the company prior to selling it to SAP. Check out the videos above and below to see him in action.

BlackBerry under the leadership of Thorsten Heins has had an amazing relationship with the CrackBerry community (we have a farewell to T.H. post coming later this week). Hopefully we'll see the same sort of dialog going forward in the future. Based on the videos, Chen gives a good interview. And hopefully CrackBerry will have a chance to speak to him soon. You know we have lots of questions!