We have already taken a look at the Z30 Leather Holster case. We have managed to get our hands on a BlackBerry Z30 Transform Shell Case too. If you've ever used the Z10 one you'll see from the pictures that they have gone with a slightly different design with the Z30 version. I actually pretty liked the Z10 Transform Shell case and it was pretty much the case I used with my Z10. 

Upon touching the Z30 Transform Shell case, it is pretty prevalent that it is a lot more plastic than the Z10 version. There was a somewhat high quality finish with the Z10 case and it doesn't feel like with the Z30 version. 

The way the kickstand works is different too. Probably better with the Z30 version. With the Z10 version you had to remove have the case in order to stand it up. With the Z30 case, the device will still be covered. Instead there is a flap that can be pulled out to become a kickstand. You can then prop it up on landscape or portrait mode. The Z30 Transform Shell case comes in three colors - white, black and blue/grey. 

Check out the video above for a quick look at the Z30 Transform Shell case.

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