Multimedia pod

It was only yesterday that we posted regarding the possibility of a charging dock for the BlackBerry Z10. Whether there would or wouldn't be an official one was still up in the air - until now. The above image arrived in my inbox today (named multimedia pod) and it is safe to say that this will be the official BlackBerry Z10 sync/charge pod. I'm pretty stoked to see this as I hate not using one. I've become accustomed to a dock over the last five years or so, and seeing that the BlackBerry Z10 doesn't have any charging connectors like previous BlackBerry smartphones, I was a bit disappointed.

So the Z10 dock takes on a slightly different form factor. Charging is achieved using the phones microUSB port which will do me just fine. In addition you will notice that the dock supports HDMI as well which will be great for docking the Z10 next to the TV and watching content on the big screen. Very, very cool

What do you think? It looks pretty sleek and sexy if you ask me. Happy with this one?