BlackBerry Z10 OEM Cases

Less than a week to go before we get to see all of this fun stuff for real, but today some more leaked images of BlackBerry Z10 cases and accessories turned up in the CrackBerry forums. Seen here are some official BlackBerry Z10 cases in all their glory. We nearly made it to launch day without these guys sneaking out, but I guess they just couldn't wait any longer. Keep in mind these are only a few of what we expect to see announced next week.

Here we have what looks to be the BlackBerry Transform Shell, BlackBerry Flip Shell, BlackBerry Holster and the microfiber pocket pouch. I'm not sure if I'll be going the case route for my Z10 just yet, but these do look very tempting. 

We'll have all of these cases and more in stock soon at ShopCrackBerry. BlackBerry Z10 cases, batteries, chargers and other accessories will all be available for pre-order starting Wednesday. You can sign up right now for store updates so you don't miss a beat come game day.

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