With the new BlackBerry Q10 due to hit the market soon, you'll certainly want to know what accessories will be available for you to pick up. In addition to some awesome OEM BlackBerry Q10 cases like the standard BlackBerry Q10 Leather Pocket and Leather Holster, you'll also find some cool new cases like the BlackBerry Q10 Leather Flip Shell and the Q10 Soft Shell case. We've scoped out all of the accessories that will be available for the BlackBerry Q10, so keep reading to check them all out so you'll be in the know before the Q10 hits the streets.


There are a variety of OEM cases available for the BlackBerry Q10. From the business-friendly BlackBerry Q10 Leather Pocket and BlackBerry Q10 Leather Holster to the stylish Q10 Leather Flip Shell and Q10 Soft Shell case. 

The BlackBerry Q10 Soft Shell is a fan-favorite. This case simply snaps on your Q10 and wraps it all around. It protects the back, sides and corners of your device from unfortunate drops so you don't have to worry about untimely accidents. It's lightweight and still leaves all of your ports and buttons easily accessible. If you need a bit more protection, the BlackBerry Hard Shell features a two-piece snap on design that will keep your device even more protected from any unexpected falls. 

BlackBerry Leather Flip Shell

The Q10 Leather Slip Shell is perhaps our favorite - a flip down case in both black and white that features an LED window so that even with the case closed you'll never miss an important message. 


Charging Solutions

As expected, there are plenty of charging options available for the Q10 as well. For frequent travelers there is the BlackBerry Q10 Premium International Charger. With his charger at hand, you'll be able to plug in and charge your Q10 no matter where your travels take you. If you're hitting the road you can also check out the BlackBerry Q10 Premium In-Vehicle Charger.

BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charging Bundle

Our favorite (by far) is the BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charging Bundle. This awesome accessory features a spare Q10 battery as well as a mini external charger so you can keep your device powered up on the go. You can either swap out the battery, or just plug in the micro USB cable and get some extra juice when you need it most. 



While you can certainly use your headset of choice with your Q10, BlackBerry offers up the simple BlackBerry Q10 Mono Headset for frequent callers, and the awsome new BlackBerry Q10 Premium Stereo Headset. The premium headset has a tangle-free cord and features a one-touch button for voice and media control. 

BlackBerry Q10 Premium Stereo Headset


Stock Up

So there you have it. There are some great accessories in line for the BlackBerry Q10 and plenty more to follow. If these still leave you wanting more you can check out the great line of cases, headsets and more for the BlackBerry Q10 at ShopCrackBerry.com.

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