Ahh, yes. BlackBerry Link. By now, most BlackBerry 10 users are fully aware that BlackBerry Link isn't exactly the best desktop software app in the world. We've griped enough about it in the past that it's really not worth harping on any more really. Perhaps, everyone complaining about it has caused BlackBerry to put a little more effort into it. After all, it has seen a few updates since initial release and is slowly improving.

Next on the horizon is BlackBerry Link 1.2, which we've heard about a few times before now and is noted to bring several improvements to the app such as faster and more reliable back-ups, better synch offerings and more options for when it comes to restoring your device. Additionally, there is also fixes for remote access and logging in via your BlackBerry ID. Overall lots of general improvements to make using the app better.

I'm sure we can all appreciate some improvements but BlackBerry has also taken some time to spruce up the visuals as well. Whenever BlackBerry Link 1.2 arrives, be it through the BlackBerry Beta Zone or officially available to all, it will also bring a new UI along with it. You can flip through the gallery and have a look for yourself, nothing overly special about the images but it's nice to see BlackBerry Link is finally getting some love and attention. The images here are from the Windows version but much like the current iteration the Mac version will also be getting all the same fixes and new visuals.