First Live Photo of the BlackBerry Magnum

In the past couple of weeks RIM has been taking a bit of a beating in the online techsphere for their BlackBerry firmware, which is arguably becoming a little dated in terms of looks and mechanics when compared to some of the newest operating system entrants in the consumer smartphone market (ie. Apple, Palm WebOS, Android).

It seems Research in Motion is really taking the criticism to heart and in response is going to try and TRUMP the competition in the sex sells department with the next rumored device in the BlackBerry pipeline, the BlackBerry "Magnum." Packing a physical keyboard, touchscreen and 3G goodness, apparently RIM thinks the Magnum is sooo hawttt you may want to wear some protection when touching it just to be safe.

Here's to hoping a REAL image of the mythical BlackBerry with the codename "Magnum" shows up on the interwebs soon. :-)

[ Image via @Videos4BB ]