Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230

Ahh..gotta love it. I walk away from the computer and ignore my BlackBerry for an hour to hit the gym only to come out and find that member BlackBerryInsider has posted in our forums the first live picture of the not yet released CDMA BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230! Along with the image comes these words:

I just received my Verizon Flip Pearl (81230 Flip). I don't think Verizon has annouced it yet, but if not it should be coming soon. Not sure what the color options will be, but mine came in Silver. I personally like the Black (T-Mobile Version) better. I will be testing it over the next few days and let you know how it does. 

This particular Verizon unit is in silver. No doubt this will make its way around to all of the CDMA carriers, so more color options will likely crop up. Once the first photo leaks you know more info is just around the corner. You can jump into the CrackBerry forums to follow the discussion!

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