Somebody has to be first, right? I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise then to see the first third party app to be released for the BlackBerry PlayBook be a CrackBerry Launcher app! While it's still an early build and only a few people in the world actually have BlackBerry PlayBooks right now to use it on, our friends at ShaoSoft got playing with the newly released BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK and BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator and have made this one available for download.

For more screencaps and download instructions (should you actually have a BlackBerry PlayBook), jump over to the forum thread at the link below. With the SDK available with plenty of time still leading up to the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook, keep in mind the app will only get prettier and more feature-packed by the time you get your hands on a PlayBook of your own.

More Info and Download the CrackBerry Launcher for the BlackBerry PlayBook