For those of you using a BlackBerry smartphone with Firefox Focus preloaded or just using it as your preferred browser, a new update with some notable improvements such as support for safe browsing and better tracking protection has now arrived on the Google Play Store.

  • Now, when you turn Tracking Protection off for a trusted site, it stays off until you turn it back on. You can manage sites you've turned off under Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Advanced -> Exceptions. See Add trusted websites to your allow list in Firefox Focus to manage these settings.
  • Add a website you're viewing to your autocomplete list simply by tapping on its URL in the address bar. See Autocomplete settings in the Firefox Focus address bar.
  • The new Focus engine, GeckoView, now supports safe browsing and will warn you when you are about to visit a dangerous site known for malware, phishing and downloading unwanted software on your device. Learn more about Safe browsing in Firefox Focus.
  • Third-party cookie blocking now includes the option to block third-party tracking cookies only (thanks to the new Focus engine, GeckoView!). To learn more, see Block cookies in Firefox Focus for Android.

The Tracking Protection exceptions improvement is the bigger addition to me as I always found it annoying to have to flip between off and on, so it's great they've adjusted it to stay off now. The update is live now, so go ahead and get it downloaded. Let me know in the comments if you're using FireFox Focus or if you prefer a different privacy based browser.

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