Fingerprint Cards powers the in-keyboard fingerprint sensor on the BlackBerry KEYone

Although BlackBerry Mobile didn't spend any time talking about the fingerprint sensor on the BlackBerry KEYone during the launch at Mobile World Congress 2017, most CrackBerry readers I'm sure, know it's there and built right into the keyboard and if you don't, well you do now.

Given the few details offered up, and the uniqueness of it being built into the keyboard, I began wondering who exactly built the fingerprint sensor for the KEYone. As it turns out, the sensor was built by Fingerprint Cards who worked closely with the hardware team to create the first-in-the-world fingerprint sensor in a keyboard on the BlackBerry KEYone.

Speaking on the partnership, Christian Fredrikson, CEO Fingerprints noted:

Fingerprints congratulates BlackBerry and its partner TCL on the introduction of the BlackBerry KEYone secure Android smartphone. We are pleased to be the fingerprint sensor technology partner for this innovative new Android device. In a world of look-a-like smartphones, the KEYone stands out with multiple unforgettable features including Fingerprints' touch sensor in the keyboard. We look forward to the expansion of our partnership and future BlackBerry devices based on our secure sensor technology.

As highlighted in their press release, the BlackBerry KEYone is making use of Fingerprints FPC1145 touch sensor:

Fingerprints' FPC1145 touch sensor is a revolutionary robust fingerprint sensor with flexible design possibilities, ideal for smart buttons. It offers excellent 3D pixel-sensing technology that reads virtually any finger: dry or wet. Its elongated form allows 360-degree rotation of the finger and unrivaled sensitivity that enables maximum performance without compromising on design aesthetics or user experience.

That's probably more information than anyone needs to know about the fingerprint sensor on their phone, given most folks only care that it works and it works fast (and as we saw in MrMobile's hands on, it's quick), but it's interesting background data should you be interested in it. You can read the full press release or learn more about Fingerprint Cards at their website.

Fingerprint Cards delivers first-in-the-world fingerprint sensor in a keyboard on BlackBerry KEYone