FindMe Application for Facebook

A couple weeks back I brought word and details of the just-out-of-pre-beta FindMe Application for Facebook. Today, the good folks at Electric Pocket (developers of FlipSide Music Player and Ringo) have "officially announced" FindMe is ready for action. FindMe is a free application you install on your BlackBerry which enables you to "tag" your location (no GPS required... kinda like Google Maps' My Location) and share it with your Facebook friends. For more info, follow the links below:

Be sure to check out the Press Release... I was pretty stoked to see that Electric Pocket used my original screenshot as their press release image! Turns out the crew at Electric Pocket are fans of! Speaking of applications for Facebook, if you haven't checked out our BlackBerry PIN Exchange app lately you should - we have over 7,000 users now, and we've been adding bells and whistles to the application daily.