LTE Coming to Winnipeg!

WOOHOO!!!!  Ok, I realize I'm a going just a little over the top on this announcement, but you need to understand... I'm a Rogers customer... who lives in Manitoba. I've been waiting for LTE to hit here for what feels like FOREVER.

I swear, I think we're one of the last places in Canada that Rogers is rolling LTE out to. But now it's coming. Finally. Here's the word I just received from Rogers:

Today, we’re very excited to announce we’re bringing LTE Max to Manitoba through a province-wide network sharing agreement with MTS.

Starting June 17th, we will roll out our premium LTE network that enables theoretical network speeds of up to 150 Mbps to customers in Winnipeg, Brandon, Victoria Beach, Grand Beach, Selkirk, Steinbach and Ste. Anne. 

With this agreement, we’re bringing Rogers LTE’s incredibly fast wireless experience to even more customers across Canada. As we expand to 44 markets this spring, and 95 in total by the end of 2013, we’re bringing Canadians the fastest wireless internet experience from coast to coast, from Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, to British Colombia.

Our customers also benefit from the largest selection of LTE devices in Canada, like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One or the BlackBerry Q10 and Z10.

We thank our Manitoba customers for their patience and are very happy to finally have LTE available for them.

Spread the word fellow Rogers-using Manitobans. Come Monday you can get your blazing fast LTE speeds on. Side note - you may want to order some spare batteries from CrackBerry Canada this week... with LTE speeds you're going to find yourself browsing more, downloading and streaming more, which also means chewing through batteries quicker.