Files Go by Google expands SD card support and adds new 'Open With' options

Back in December, Google launched their Files Go app that allows you to free up space, manage, find and share files easier and plenty of BlackBerry Android users switched to it as one of their main file and storage manager apps. Now, Google has pushed out some new updates to the app to improve the overall experience.

  • SD cards: We've expanded our SD card support since many of you use SD cards to backup important files. With one tap in the list or grid view, you can easily filter to see files stored on your SD card.
  • Tablets: Files Go now runs on tablets so you can manage storage and transfer files between your small and big screen Android devices without using any data.
  • Opening files in other apps: You can also customize which apps open your files with our new "Open with" flow. This should give you greater flexibility and control when handling all types of files. For example, to open PDF files, you may want to use your favorite PDF viewing app and that's now possible.

If you're looking for a new file storage manager to check out on your Android powered BlackBerry, Files Go is certainly one to try. It's not going to be an app for everyone but as Google highlighted in their announcement post, 'more than 10 million people have installed it and cleaned up more than 1.1 gigabytes of space on average'. Sure, the tablet support is not much of addition for BlackBerry users, but the other features are solid!

Learn more / Download Files Go from the Google play Store