Files and Folders

Files and Folders by Innovatology is an extremely useful file management application for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's packed with a ton of features to help you manage, access, and search through your files whether they're in the cloud, on your tablet, or on your BlackBerry device. This week the developer released a major update bringing it to v4.0.2 to support SugarSync as well as additional features and fixes. Click on the jump for more details.

Release notes

  • NEW! support for SugarSync!
    • Access your SugarSync workspaces, magic briefcase, mobile photos, web archive, received shares.
    • Swipe down and tap Help for more info.
  • NEW! Bookmark your favorite folders with the Starred feature!
    • Tap Star folder to bookmark the current folder.
    • Swipe down and tap Starred to view your bookmarked folders.
    • Tap the bookmark to go to that folder.
    • Press and hold a bookmark to rename or delete it.
    • Set your starred folders as your home location from the Startup page of the Settings screen.
  • NEW! Support for BlackBerry Remote.
  • ENHANCED! Text preview and viewer improved. Now detects various encodings, with the ability to override in the viewer.
  • ENHANCED! Many performance improvements.
  • ENHANCED! Bigger toolbar buttons.
  • ENHANCED! Password security improved.
  • ENHANCED! Improved but still unofficial Bridge functionality
    • Workaround for an OS bug that prevented files being copied to BB Bridge.
    • General stability improvements
  • FIXED! Some (mostly minor) OS 2.0 problems were solved.

With zip capabilities, cloud service and email integration, multiple file/folder selection, and bridge support it's definitely an application I use on a daily basis. Files and Folders is available for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World and comes with a three day free trial.

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