Fido Launches BlackBerry Services!

We've been saying it for a while now and now it finally has become reality. That's right, Fido has gone back to their "old" ways and have finally launched BlackBerry services once again. The launch device being reported is the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, with more BlackBerry devices set to launch in the coming months. This is probably bigger news to those who were holding out with unlocked devices waiting for Fido to get their act together. In any event you can now enable full BlackBerry service and if you're looking to pick up the BlackBerry Pearl be prepared to pay $400 (ouch!) no contract or for a mere $25 on a 3 year contract, pricing for BlackBerry service detailed below.

$15 - Unlimited personal email and IM
$25 - 500MB
$30 - 1GB
$60 - 3GB